KyusuiBako R Backpacking Water Purifier


Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable backpack design for ease of transport
  • No need for tools—easy to assemble and operate
  • High flow rate to quickly fill your needs

KyusuiBako R Specifications

Model KAW-201 (Trade name: KyusuiBako R)
Recommended applications Swimming pool water, used bath water (except spa pool water and bath water with added salts), tankwater, etc.
Flow rate (mean) Drinking water 200 L/hr Purification capacity: approx. 2,000 L
Domestic water 500 L/hr Purification capacity: approx. 5,000 L
Pre-filter Polyolefin Nominal filtration rating: 5 microns
Activated carbon filter Granular activated Carbon
Filter for lead and trihalomethanes removal Zeolite + fibrous activated carbon
Sterilizing-grade filter MF membrane filter Nominal filtration rating: 0.1 micron
Pump Hand wing pump
Backpack Approved by Japan Fire Retardant Association, polyester, flameproof
Net weight Approx. 9 kg (dry)
Spare arts 1 pre-filter (1 pc.), 1 integrated sterilization unit (activated carbon, filter for lead and trihalomethanes removal, sterilizing-grade filter)
Accessories Specially designed backpack (can also serve as a water tank), hand pump (with specially designed meshes), 4 water hoses Chlorine disinfectant for 2,000 L of water, measuring cup, residual chlorine meter


Download KyusuiBako R PDF brochure

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