Electrical Work

Kyowakiden Industry offers a range of integrated electrical services that covers installation planning, installation and maintenance. Our specialties include lighting, signals and signs (electric bulletin boards) for roadways, athletic fields and other infrastructure, tunnel ventilation systems and all types of building equipment such as multistory car parks.
To cater to the growing demand for computer data management and the related telecommunications technology, we establish support of urban functions so that they meet safety and efficiency requirements.

Our Service Profile

We actively contribute to the development of a safe and comfortable social environment by leveraging our end-to-end portfolio of electrical services, from design to maintenance, for electrical, instrumentation and information & telecommunications installations in a wide range of settings: environmental equipment (mainly water treatment equipment), manufacturing plants for energy-saving and control & monitoring equipment, and social infrastructure such as lighting systems for bridges, tunnels and roadways.

Solutions and Services

Electrical and Instrumentation Work
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Water supply plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants for rural and fishery communities
  • Small-scale simplified water supply plants
Electrical Equipment/Telecommunications
  • Engineering
  • Construction of power plants and substations Buildings and factories
  • Roadways, tunnels, bridges and night game equipment
  • Substations
  • Self-generation facilities
  • Information and telecommunications equipment (optical cables, LAN cables)
  • Administrative radio systems
  • ITV equipment
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