Monitoring & Control Systems

Sewage treatment plants, water purification plants and other water management installations generate massive amounts of data that constantly need to be monitored.
Monitoring water data such as quality, volume and temperature is also one of our activities.
We provide full support in both hardware and software to allow data transfer through network, inspection and maintenance operations and operation management by resident personnel.
From installation of equipment for data management to after-sales services, we can offer a wide range of monitoring solutions for facilities and equipment with internet access to ensure efficient and continuous operation of urban functions all around the year.

Our Service Profile

  • Review and analysis of current business status
  • Development of system strategy, recommendations for improvement
Design, Development and Configuration
  • Proposal of master plan
  • Configuration of network systems
  • Systems development
  • Installation planning
  • Installation design and execution
Support and Maintenance
  • Operation support
  • Maintenance

Solutions and Services

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