Network Systems and Software Applications

With today’s development of an information society, it is crucial for every business to improve operational efficiency and share information. Kyowakiden Industry can help your organization address these business challenges through customized systems design, software development, configuration and follow-up services. All our IT services can be tailored to your needs as we take pride in offering custom solutions.

One-Stop Solutions

As a total supplier, we offer one-stop solutions for IT projects that cover from planning to design, development, configuration and maintenance.

Organizational Support
We work with alliance partners to provide you with full support.
Customer Support
We offer fast and reliable support to all our customers.
Technical and Know-How Support
Our extensive experience in system configuration enables us to provide reliable and innovative IT technology and know-how support.

Our Service Profile

  • Review and analysis of current business status
  • Development of system strategy, recommendations for improvement
Design, Development and Configuration
  • Proposal of master plan SI configuration
  • Configuration of network systems
  • Systems development
  • Website development
  • Portal development
  • Software package development
  • Installation planning
  • Installation design and execution
  • Project management and assistance
Support and Maintenance
  • Operation support and maintenance
  • Question-answering services

Solutions and Services

1. Network and Systems Configuration

Systems Development and Configuration
  • Application systems development
  • Web application development
  • Server and network configuration
  • Website development and configuration
Network Infrastructure Development
  • Internet infrastructure development
  • Intranet infrastructure development

2. Software Package Development and Distribution

3. Software and Equipment Distribution

  • Software packages
  • Server equipment
  • Personal computers and printers
  • Network equipment

4. Customer Support and Services

  • Operations and maintenance of information systems
  • Dispatch of systems engineers
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