As an integrated plant manufacturer, we are engaged in a wide range of businesses ranging from manufacture and installation to maintenance services and proposal of new products. All are based on the concept of harmony between technology and the environment.


Our experienced professionals bring together their multidisciplinary expertise to deliver you innovative one-stop solutions that give shape to your ideas and needs.

  • Planning, Meeting and Survey
  • Design and Consulting
  • Manufacture and Quality Control
  • Installation
  • Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance


We supply water treatment systems and related equipment for water supply and sewerage facilities, industrial water treatment facilities and all other types of water treatment plants. They are designed to meet your water quality requirements and treatment purposes.


We design, manufacture and install machinery and equipment for all types of plants as well as automated, energy-saving and labor-saving systems for equipment and manufacturing lines for a variety of industries.


We offer a variety of monitoring systems for facilities and equipment using internet-based technology.


We design network systems and provide software development, configuration and management support services specifically to your project needs.


Our fully integrated manufacturing system for control panels used in water treatment and other applications covers from design and assembly to inspection and servicing. You can count on our expertise gained from a rich track record to provide you with enhanced productivity and reduced running costs.


We perform repair and maintenance works for motors and jet fans for shipyards and iron and steel works. We are able to perform on-site removal and installation works in a flexible and efficient manner.


Through installation work for electric equipment such as road lighting and traffic signals, telecommunications work and electrical services for all types of buildings, we are actively engaged in promoting labor and energy-saving solutions, while contributing to the creation of comfortable urban and housing spaces.


We mainly perform equipment installation and piping works and related works such as civil and foundation works for water supply and sewage plants. Our integrated services cover design, installation and management. We take responsibility for our projects, making sure they are carried out professionally with all appropriate considerations for reliability based on our wealth of experience and proven track record in all parts of Japan.


We perform construction, expansion and electrical machinery and equipment installation works for power plants and substations. To keep your assets in safe operating conditions, we can also deliver around the clock monitoring
services that are highly praised and trusted in the marketplace.


We are ready to examine any of your equipment in order to identify and propose you the optimum solution for enhanced energy, labor and personnel cost savings.

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