Leveraging decades of expertise in the electrical, mechanical and maintenance field, we provide diagnosis services for electrical and mechanical equipment and water treatment plants such as water reuse and wastewater plants. We perform an on-site survey to identify key issues and recommend energy-saving or other solutions that are most appropriate for your specific needs.

  • “We wish to recycle the wastewater we discharge from our plant.”
  • “We wish to use the well water in our facility as potable or product water.”
  • “We wish to optimize the power consumption of our in-house equipment and production machinery for energy saving purposes.”
  • “We wish to assess the remaining life of our electric motors and perform preventative maintenance.”

Whether you require technical assistance or improvements, contact us.

We have a dedicated team of experts in best-practice solutions ready to respond to any of your inquiries.

  • Energy-Saving Diagnosis
  • Water Treatment Diagnosis
  • Equipment Diagnosis
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