One-Stop Solutions

We have a team of experienced professionals who bring together their multidisciplinary expertise to offer you innovative one-stop solutions tailored to your specific needs.
In fields as diverse as construction of social infrastructure mainly related to water and electrical equipment, promotion of an environment-friendly and energy-saving society, and development of labor-saving technologies and strategies for manufacturing equipment, we deliver one-stop solutions from planning and proposition formulation to operation and maintenance. We work very hard to fully meet or exceed your requirements and expectations in term of technology, quality, delivery time, pricing and after-service.

Planning, Meeting and Survey

  • We meet you, assess your current situation and define areas of improvement.
  • We propose solutions best suited to your needs and the size of your project.
  • We send a multidisciplinary team of trained and qualified technicians to your premise to conduct a site survey.
  • We work closely with you to customize the most effective strategy for your company.

Design and Consulting

  • We create a design that is best for you in terms of initial investment, payback time and ease of maintenance.
  • We draw the selected design using 3D-CAD and other advanced computer technology.
  • We make sure that all phases of the design process are carried out in accordance with the proposals agreed by you.
  • We create a customized design solution that incorporates all required functionalities and performances.

Manufacture and Quality Control

  • We maintain stringent quality control and safety assurance procedures in our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities.
  • We operate and maintain an in-house inspection system that reflects our constant commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • We make sure that all installation work is carried out in conformity with your timing requirements.
  • All installation operations are performed in compliance with procedures and guidelines developed on the basis of a long experience.
  • All installation work is conducted to ensure high quality workmanship.
  • Our experienced personnel is highly trained to achieve safe and reliable outcomes.

Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance

  • Our operation and maintenance services apply not only to the installed items but to the entire system.
  • We strive to provide the highest quality after-service care.
  • Our services continue after delivery. We are ready to handle all your inquiries with regards to operation and maintenance.
  • We can offer Internet-based remote monitoring services.
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