Electricity & Energy

We have abundant experience and know-how in power receiving and transforming equipment, power equipment, control systems, lighting, and energy saving projects in various factories and public plant facilities.

We also provide services such as planning, design, construction, and maintenance of traffic information systems, road lighting, tunnel lighting, tunnel ventilation equipment, bridge lighting equipment, etc.

In order to realize a safe and secure society, we are constructing electrical equipment and communication equipment for various infrastructures and factories.
We provide remote control & monitoring systems for the operation and maintenance of various facilities and equipment.
We investigate and diagnose the equipment of our customers and make optimal proposals regarding energy saving.
Utilizing the experience of technical proposals and VE proposals to various plants, we will improve the productivity and reduce operating costs of our customers.

History of Kyowakiden Industry Co.,Ltd.

Kyowakiden Industry has acquired technology and skills with the development of
society for more than 70 years since it was founded in Nagasaki in 1948.