Seawater Desalination system

Kyowakiden supplies seawater desalination systems using RO membrane technology.

Standard system flow



Easy installation and easy operation

From small models (about 5 m³ / day) to large models (50,000 m³ / day), the membrane unit is assembled at the factory before shipping, so it can be easily installed on site. The membrane filtration system is fully automatic control to simplify daily operation and maintenance.

Long-term use concept

Various troubles such as rusting of pipes and clogging of membranes may occur in seawater desalination equipment. We have experience in design, construction and operation the largest seawater desalination facility in Japan. We design and manufacture based on experience to prevent troubles. We also support how to deal with problems so that our customers can continue to use the equipment for a long period of time.

History of Kyowakiden Industry Co.,Ltd.

Kyowakiden Industry has acquired technology and skills with the development of
society for more than 70 years since it was founded in Nagasaki in 1948.