Management Policy

As an Environmental Creation Company,
contribute to the development of the social environment.

An environmental creation company is a company that conducts universal activities aimed at ensuring that everyone enjoys peace and affluence.
Kyowakiden Industry aims to be an organization that constantly strives to provide new value together with customers, focusing on water and electricity, which are necessary for social infrastructure.
To this end, we will contribute to the development of the social environment under the motto of “safer” and “more comfortable.”
And by being welcomed by the world, we believe that Kyowakiden Industry is recognized as an environmental creation company for the first time.

Corporate Creed

We Value Integrity

1. Integrity to Society
We must contribute to society through our business operations. A company starts to exist when it becomes a valuable asset to society.

2. Integrity to Each and Every Customer
We aim to deepen our understanding of our customers’ concerns and needs. Meeting customer expectations allows us to achieve higher levels of service quality.
A company does not exist without its customers. Their loyalty is essential to repeat and expand business.

4. Integrity to Partners, Peer Companies and Employees
All the products and equipment we manufacture can attain high quality levels thanks to a variety of collaborators.

Corporate Creed

3. Integrity to Our Technical Services and Products
We are a company selling technologies and know-how. Improvements in technical capabilities and expertise are produced by research-oriented and highly imaginative people.

5. Integrity to Oneself
Honesty with oneself and assertiveness brings trust from partners.

History of Kyowakiden Industry Co.,Ltd.

Kyowakiden Industry has acquired technology and skills with the development of
society for more than 70 years since it was founded in Nagasaki in 1948.