F-cap (High Performance Fiber Filtration Unit)

The Fiber Filtration System “F-cap” is a filtration device used for various types of filtration applications. F-cap can be filtered at higher flow rates compared to typical sand filtration or fiber filtration. In addition, it is capable of removing particles with high efficiency without using coagulant (PACs), and it also has a high recovery rate of filtration performance by automatic backwash process.




  • Not applicable for high turbidity raw water.
  • In the case of raw water with high turbidity, the media is easily clogged, and it is difficult to restore the performance by backwashing.
  • Large amount backwash water is required.
  • The removal rate of fine particles is not high.


  • Applicable for raw water turbidity 100NTU.
  • The effective backwashing process is less likely to cause media clogging.

  • Backwash water saving; 97% water recovery rate.
  • Over 90% removal rate for 5µm particle.


– Water purification; Clean water, Industrial water, etc.
– Waste water treatment; Sludge leakage protection
– Pre-treatment for various water treatment systems; RO, UF, etc.
– Landscape water; Ponds, Lakes, etc.
– Water recycle; Waste water recycle, Aquaculture, etc.



Capacity: 3 – 6 m³/h

Turbidity removal for pond


Capacity: 8 -16 m³ /h

Turbidity removal for pond (in zoo)


Capacity: 8 – 16 m³/h

Treated sewerage water (as pre-treatment of UF membrane)

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