Quality Assurance

Kyowakiden Industry will endeavor to respond to customers and improve the quality of technology and products, and will continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Quality Assurance

Kyowakiden Industry Co., Ltd. contributes to society by conducting environmentally friendly corporate activities under the philosophy of “Integrity to Society”, which is management philosophy.

  • Provide high-quality products that can earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers.
  • Contribute to society by making products with a focus on quality improvement, with the first priority being integrity to technology and products.
  • Continuously improve the quality management system and improve the effectiveness.

Quality Initiatives

Third-party audit by the Auditing Organization once a year (October)

We verify whether the quality management system is able to provide products that meet customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and whether they lead to customer satisfaction through assurance.

Internal Audits (First-Party Audits) twice a year (April and September)

The implementation status and effectiveness of each process are audited by internal auditors who meet internal standards, and continuous improvement is implemented.

QC activities (bottom-up problem solving)

Based on the small group, PDCA is carried out using the QC method for the problem which is faced.
In addition, the content of PDCA is documented as a halt, and it is being established as a mechanism.

Sharing of customer requirements

We have established our own in-house customer feedback system to share customer information and implement prompt and appropriate responses.

Supplier evaluation

Suppliers are evaluated and appropriate transactions and, if necessary, education and guidance are provided in order to improve customer satisfaction.

ISO9001:Quality management system