Power receiving and transforming facility / control panel / distribution panel

We have a wealth of experience in the fields of water treatment equipment and public infrastructure, and provide highly reliable electrical equipment. It is natural that electrical equipment is used safely. In addition, we will make improvement proposals and VE proposals that make use of our experience, and contribute to improving customer productivity and reducing costs.

High voltage power receiving equipment
Power transformer / power supply / control panel
Power receiving and control facilities for generators
Water pump control panel / measurement and monitoring panel


Value Engineering

We continue to make valuable proposals to our customers by utilizing our experience and new technologies.

Integrated manufacturing

We carry out from design to manufacturing and quality inspection at our own factory. We will deliver the products in a short term by the systemized production flow.

On-site engineering works

In addition to manufacturing at the factory, we also provide services such as on-site surveys, installation work, test runs, repairs, and modifications.

History of Kyowakiden Industry Co.,Ltd.

Kyowakiden Industry has acquired technology and skills with the development of
society for more than 70 years since it was founded in Nagasaki in 1948.