Monitoring & Control Systems

M-ONE; manhole type pumping station monitoring system

M-ONE automatically collects data from multiple pumping stations and creates real-time monitoring data. The collected data can be viewed on a web screen that is strictly secured by ID and password. M-ONE devices and servers are equipped with countermeasures and security against various disasters such as earthquakes, fires, power down, and lightning damage, so please use the service with confidence. It is used not only in pumping stations but also in various applications. Water and sewage facilities, river water level observation stations, drainage pumping station, factories, weather monitoring, tunnel monitoring, traffic monitoring, equipment monitoring, flood, etc.

System configuration

Main functions

– Wide area monitoring: Monitors pumping stations in each region in cooperation. A remote control function (option) is also available.

– Interlock function: When a pumping station becomes full, the pump on the upstream side is temporarily stopped to prevent overflow.

– Automatic clogging clearing: It recognizes whether water is being transferred by monitoring the pump start and stop signals and current values. If water is not being transferred, it is judged that the piping is clogged, and reverse operation is performed for a certain period.

– Email function: When an alarm occurs due to a trouble, an email is sent immediately to the person in charge of management. It will be sent repeatedly until there is a reply from the person in charge, so you will be notified reliably.

– Backup system: Equipped with a backup power supply for up to 30 minutes as standard equipment.

– Preventive maintenance: The trend of the currents value at the time of starting the pump is recorded. By comparing with standard starting currents, you can develop a preventative maintenance plan before the pump fails.

Central monitoring and control system

The data of each equipment such as water and sewage facilities and factory equipment is transferred to the central monitoring device, and the operation status and measured values of the equipment are monitored and the recorded data is automatically created. It is also possible to make a sound alarm or automatically send an email to the person in charge.

WEB monitoring system

The remote WEB monitoring / control system automatically sends the data of facilities in each area to the cloud server and provides the remote monitoring service by the Internet. It can be introduced at a relatively low cost, and it is possible to build a system that meets the needs of customers.

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