Our products and services on Environmental Technologies for Our sustainable development - See the Future, Speak your Dreams, Make Them Come True.

Our Profile, Visions and Missions

We focus on Environment

Water Treatment System

Membrane technology
- Our strong area in the water treatment -

Wastewater Treatment & Recycling System

As a plant maker, we pursue harmony between environment and technology

Maintenance & Operation

Our energy-saving operation with monitoring system ensures safe water quality and quantity

Sea Water Desalination Center “Mamizu Pia”

Construction started in 2001 Constructed by a joint bid of Obayashi Corporation and Kyowakiden Industry Co., Ltd


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Kyowakiden Industry Co.,Ltd.Water Treatment Engineering Division
Head Office: 10-2 Kawaguchi-machi,Nagasaki-shi, Japan
Zip Code: 852-8108
TEL: +81-95-881-2597(Japanese Only)
FAX: +81-95-882-7240